The 57th Meeting of the International Field Emission Society

Dear IFES Community,

Due to the current world situation regarding COVID-19, and in consultation between the IFES Steering Committee and Oxford Local Organising Committee, we have unfortunately come to the decision to postpone the APT&M 2020 Conference. Given the uncertainty with the Covid-19 global health crisis, travel restrictions, and the need for periods of self-isolation and social distancing, it is clear that we can no longer reasonably plan for, or host, the conference in July. This is obviously very disappointing, however, the health and safety of our society members must be our top priority.

We are aiming to host a conference that is as inclusive as possible, that can be attended by members of our community from all over the world. Hence, we are currently tentatively looking into rescheduling in the 2021 or 2022 timeframe. Unfortunately, Keble College were unable to accommodate this postponement and so we are investigating alternative venues in Oxford during this timeframe. We will keep the IFES community informed of more information as soon as possible.

The Local Organising Committee received a very enthusiastic response to the first call for abstracts, receiving 240 submissions, and we hope the majority of you will be able to join us in Oxford for the re-scheduled dates.

We will follow up with further details when they become available.

Best Regards,

David J. Larson, IFES President

Michael P. Moody, Head of Oxford Local Organising Committee

Paul A. J. Bagot, IFES Treasurer